Sheil is a very prosperous kingdom, but with a large gap between the rich and poor. Many of the richest in the world come to live up in the mountains, many with servants, dragons, and the finest of riches. The culture is very money-oriented, and patriarchal -- which is why the ruler being female is a very controversial issue among its citizens, as Queen Olivia is constantly under attack by assassins and others trying to overthrow her. Miners search the mountain for riches, usually working for a rich household. Among the gold, diamond and other valuable substances found in the mountains, miners find a precious stone called Kristal, that is used to harbor energy to power things in the Dreamscape. This creates a great power for the rich Sheilians: they run monopolies over these precious materials. Often, Niman thieves steal some of these Kristals for their own benefit. 

Much of the Sheil landscape, however, is made of grass and forest. Here, people mainly farm common plants and animals used to sustain the population. Here, the farmers are mainly poor, a lot less wealthy than the noblemen up in the mountains. This power dynamic is toxic for the kingdom, as there are many skirmishes and strikes from the farmers.

Fashion blossoms here, as people try to wear the nicest of dresses and robes to show off their own wealth. Because of the metals mined here, many very nice and advanced weapons are made here, and armor is a pride of the kingdom.


Religion is also very important for these people, and they worship a god, not spirits as much. Gods, unlike spirits, have not been confirmed to exist. Here, they worship their goddess Avan, who is also more commonly believed to be a woman, contrary to the beliefs of many older generations. (the gender of Avan is controversial and debated.)

More on the Avanish religion:

Sheil is also home to the largest Fighting Academy on Yume, Wingtip.