More info tba about each of the characters!


Queen Olivia of Sheil 

Ruler of Sheil, she is the first queen of any kingdom in history. She is under a lot of ridicule, especially in the patriarchal culture of Sheil. She is a very understanding ruler and works hard for her country, but few take her seriously. 
Oolah of Kanan

The Oolah is Kanan's democratic leader. He is chosen by vote of the people in Kanan. Mainly, the wealthier people get more of a voice because the system is corrupt. The Oolah, currently named Joe, is a very kind man and tries to do what is best for his people, although he is easy to manipulate. He started his reign when he was only around six years old and continued for a few hundred years, being an elf he has a long lifespan and he was well liked by the populace. 

Dictator of Nima - Simon

Simon was raised in the poor slums of Nima, and was barely able to survive. He scrambled his way to the top, by joining a gang, becoming the leader of the gang, then the gang taking over a neighborhood, and eventually overthrowing the Niman government. He is only 14 by the time he becomes dictator of Nima. Although young he is ruthless, and cares for no one but himself.

Kari of the Numachi Tribes

Kari is a ruthless leader of a Numachi tribe in the Moera Swamps in Kanan. Her tribe is violent, cannibalistic, and primal. Her ape-like followers grunt and scream for communication, but Kari herself can speak with others normally. She is very argumentative and clever.