Nima is a smaller kingdom found in the Tamayo desert, and much of the population is located around the oasis there. There are many trade routes, including the trans-yumenin route, one that goes all the way from Kanan over to Nima. It is the largest trade route on the continent. Most of the merchants here are struggling to get by, but of course the royal family and their servants live a luxurious life. There is a giant mansion right on the shore of the giant oasis, and there lives the royalty. The weather anywhere but right around the oasis is very hot and dry, which is very unpleasant but the people learn to get by-- tourists mainly stay near the oasis, where the nicest marketplaces are, meant for the royalty. There are some other villages on the outskirts of the oasis, and there are the slums of Nima-- there live most of the poor people of the nation, and there are many smaller, more desperate and dirty marketplaces with whatever small amounts of food that people are able to get. Nothing grows in Nima, and not many animals can survive in the desert, and the ones that do are dangerous and not great for meat/milk. Most of the food that the nation gets is imported, it is not able to produce much of its own goods.

What Nima is able to offer is services and people. There are many skilled people in the markets, who are able to create things out of the imported materials. They also produce a lot of cheap labor. Most of what is produced on Yume is made in Nima. There are many factories, mainly man-powered and in an assembly line conveyor belt style, but some fancier ones are powered by Kristals. Many robots are produced here in Nima, and slowly a lot of jobs that used to be manned by humans are being overrun by robots. There are many strikes from the human workers to try and get jobs back.

The government is militaristic, and has frequent revolutions and civil wars, and is very strict. There are many gunmen parading the villages, making sure everyone is staying in check. Nothing is allowed to be said negatively against whoever is the current dictator. Dictators often like to have great weapons available in order to threaten other kingdoms, and a lot of the money in the nation is spent on military and Oglemorphic weapons. These weapons are very powerful and hard to make, and are made up of harvested demon parts from highly secured demon farms. It is a very dangerous practice and makes Nima one of the most disliked nations on the continent.

The most prevalent religion in Nima is atheism-- most people here believe and worship nothing, not even spirits. The spirits that are there are mainly malicious, and so there is seemingly nothing to worship there anyways. The people in Nima live a hard lifestyle, so they rely on themselves to fight for survival rather than pray to a being who they don't know if they exist or not.