April showers bring May flowers! With this event, your character will breed multiple plants together to create a whole new plant/flower! You can also do some magic with it, adding in some elements of other living things/creatures. 
1) Draw your character in a scene creating the plant. What kind of magic do they use? Does it come naturally to to them, or do they struggle? Do they do their research? What plants/animals do they combine? Is it a success?
2) Create a .png image of your final plant/creature! The size should be 250x250 pixels. It will become a real trinket, and your character can have it in their inventory! You never know, it might become a real plant in the world or might become useful in the future! 
3) Name your creation!

-Fullbody and colored, can be sketchy! Background required based on the prompts ;o;
-Collabs allowed, all rewards will go to all parties!
-Each character can do the event either together or separately! Each character can only do it once.

-Every entry gets +300 DP +5 EXP!
-Whatever flower/plant you create will be part of that character's inventory! 
-You will get an event badge for participating!
-The most elaborate/interesting entry will get a medal for their entry! The entries will be voted on in the discord for this prize.

DEADLINE: May 20th