-Leech-like demons have started infecting the populace in Kassuq. Since it is a very densely populated area, the parasitic leeches are spreading quickly into an epidemic.
--What is the source of the leeches?
--How can you get rid of the Leeches?
--How do we protect the people who arent infected yet?
--How do we save those who are?


--demons are weak against light. To fight them, it is best to infuse your weapon with light energy/magic. (Regular weapons work as well, but the demons regenerate, some quicker than others.) How might your character help?
---The city in Kassuq that first reported these leeches is Nauja, a fishing town. What could have been the source?
---The effect of the leaches is that the people have a very high fever, hallucinations, and have frequent seizures. 30 deaths have been reported within the first week. Dead bodies have then exploded, with leeches erupting from the body. Much of the organs were eaten by the leeches. Demons never eat organs, only the souls of people. What could this mean?
---Sheil has refused to help in fear that they will also get infected. (some people from sheil still cross the border to help secretly, but the government itself is not helping.) What could this mean?
-Any doctors/healers of sorts are sent to take care of the infected people. Many are getting infected themselves. This leads to more death and more leeches, as they multiply inside of the host.

-Pick 5 characters max for the mission
-3 characters max for the battles (you can switch them out with whoever else you brought on the mission out of the five)

You must try and piece together the clues and figure out what happened, answering as many of the presented questions as you can. for each "correct" or "successful" answer, you will receive 10 DP and 1 EXP.

1. What is the source of the leeches?
2. Why are they eating the organs of people?
3. Why is Sheil government not helping Kassuq?
4. How do we protect those who arent infected yet?
5. How do we heal those who are infected? (and havent died yet) (100 DP)




-NO MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS !! can be as sketchy as you want, and does not need color or background. Literature only needs min of 3 sentences. (can be less but yk)
-Collabs allowed, all rewards will go to all parties!

DEADLINE (for part 1): SEPTEMBER 1st