News from the town of Shiba have begun to spread to the Capital of Kanan. Some say the number of nightmares have been dwindling without any known reason. Any that are left have been acting extremely violently. The villagers have begun to worry as anyone who has left has not returned.

The people of Shiba have put out a ransom for those who can solve this mystery!

Anora and her friends, G and Jester, as well as Ori have answered the call!

Will you join them in their hunt to solve this case?

Draw/write about your character answering the call!
-- Do they travel to the location/Shiba?
-- Do they spot clues along the way?
-- What do they pack with them?

Rewards for entering:
100 DP !

-Fullbody and colored, can be sketchy! Background required based on the prompts ;o;
-Collabs allowed, all rewards will go to all parties!

DEADLINE (to enter): JULY 5!!