1. DINKAR (Capital) - Millitaristic, almost Anarchic government. Lots of expensive items at the markets here, these markets are more for the wealthy Nimans and royalty. 
  2. Wawah - 
  3. Vaha - As the closest city to the border of Sheil, a lot of theives lay low here in order to steal Kristals from Sheilian mines. Generally the cause of war between Sheil and Nima.
  4. Tijara - Great trade city, more affordable but with a lot of scams and advertising in your face. A lot of people get cheated out of their money here. 
  5. Tikaret - 
  6. Sol - 
  7. Kaktus -
  8. Gunes -
  9. Jazira
  10. Sica - 
  11. Klik - 


  1. HIRESH (Capital) - Monarchy, very religious, but gets angry and blames it on the gods “possessing them” to do their bidding and punish violators in the world. They go to war a lot
  2.  Bhuvana - Center of the Avanish Church. Very religious.
  3. Zamak - 
  4. Shan - 
  5. Hu - 
  6. Baoshi - Mining town, where the miners are overworked and stolen from constantly. They live miserable lives, and are generally very angry little people.  
  7. Haiyang -  
  8. Dao - Farthest from the monarchy so they are the least loyal. They are a very peaceful people , and mostly farm and take sheep out to feed on pastures. Very different from the capital: religious but in a peaceful way.


  1. ONARTOK (Capital) - Oligarchy led by a few leaders, they couldn’t make up their mind over who should lead and how many leaders there should be. This is a very spiritual city, and a lot of worship of gods of weather and natural disasters, as well as fish harvest. 
  2.  Aput -
  3. Manirak -
  4. Qopuk -
  5. Ila -
  6. Ublureak -
  7. Sivoy -
  8. Umikei -
  9. Aiouko
  10.  Cupun -
  11. Nauja - Fishing town, very slow and quiet town. 
  12. Luava -
  13.  Eyja - High levels of tourism here, a lot of people visit this tropical wonderland full of interesting creatures.


  1. ANJU (Capital) - Very spiritual, high in police force, people are lead by fear of the police, but still a democracy. A lot of advertising, and a lot of farmers markets line the streets. Everything is made of wood from a special tree, gifted by a spirit to the town. Any fur or other animal products were gifted by spirits as well.
  2. Ki - 
  3. Shiba - 
  4. Moku - 
  5. Zai - 
  6. Charan - 
  7. Shima - 



  • Tamayo Oasis: The most populated area in Nima, this Oasis is usually inhabited by the more wealthy Nimans who can afford to buy their way in.
  • Florencia Mountains: Mountains of Sheil, a lot of precious metals and Kristals are found here (Kristals are used to create energy and power things, similar to electricity, and is very valuable in Nima as they use them for robots a lot.)
  • Moera Swamps: This is home to the Numachi tribes. 
    Lake Lucia: A huge volcano collapsed here and created an enormous lake, which is what Kassuqeans live off of to survive. Many dangerous creatures live in the ocean, and even some in the Bay of Behati, so it is a lot safer to fish in the lake.
  • Bay of Behati: Lots of trade routes here, as there are a lot of raw materials produced (such as a booming fish industry) on the islands, so all of that gets shipped to the rest of the kingdom as well as to other kingdoms.
  • Hidi River:
  • Shinrin Forest: