Kassuq is a very diverse kingdom, with many different areas and people. In the south, there are the Oluchi islands, with very exotic animals and people, and thus a lot of tourism. A lot of national parks are located here, protecting some of the most endangered and exotic of animals and plants. Around Lake Lucia, the poor fishermen are located. There are also commercial fishermen from the city, which overfish and use many non-sustainable practices. (The Bay of Behati is also used as a fishing location, mainly for the commercial fishermen). A little more north and you reach the inner cities, a densely-populated location, with many tall skyscrapers and businesses. It gets colder and colder the farther up north you go, and eventually you will reach the islands Hye and Adga, where many small tribes of people live. There they survive by hunting small animals that live in the frozen wasteland, and they live in buildings made completely of ice and snow.

Coral reefs are in danger of being destroyed almost completely. They are the pride and joy of the native islanders, but commercial fishermen end up destroying the coral reefs.

The form of government employed in Kassuq is an oligarchy, with a few people in the city in power. They are pretty laissez-faire and mainly spend government funding for their own corrupt desires.

Their religion is polytheistic, as they believe in gods they think to be in charge of each weather pattern or natural disaster. The Kassuq people created many different shrines and temples for each of the gods, and bring sacrifices to them often.