Getting Started!

    You can basically create any kind of character! Almost anything can exist in the Dreamscape. Some things to keep in mind:
    -Does your character travel between the real and dream worlds?
    -Is your character part Demon or connected to Demons in some way?
    -Where do they live? How would that affect how they live/their life? Learn about locations here!
    -What race/species are they? How did that affect their standing in society?
    -How old are they? Does the species they are have an affect on their lifespan?
    -What do they do for a living?
    You can submit your character once you can log in to this website, which is currently invite only, but will hopefully be open to everyone soon!
    Come join the fun! there are a whole bunch of fun events, where you can either draw, write or do any other form of art for! In order to submit for an event, go to your character's page, click the gallery, and then click the 'plus' button to add an image. Even if your art is literature, you will need to make a thumbnail image (which can be from google with credit) and then the writing would be in the description.
    We have a whole bunch of fun chatting in the discord over here: