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Okane Plant (Produces DP)
Okane Sprout by KatyaHamOkane Plant by KatyaHam
Okane Shrub by KatyaHamOkane Bush by KatyaHamOkane Tree by KatyaHam
Shinzo Plant (Produces HP - made into Healing Potions)
Shinzo Seed by KatyaHamSprout Sprout by KatyaHamShinzo Flower by KatyaHamShinzo Bush by KatyaHam
Poison Heart Shinzo (Produces -HP - made into poisons) - only available if you water a fully grown Shinzo plant with tears! -- tears can be harvested by a tear collector.
Poison Heart Shinzo by KatyaHam


-Vote on harvest poll each week to harvest!
-Rewards will depend on what stage your plant is at - will be sent to your inventory