Mood Dragon

-Changes color based on mood/emotion, the colors can mix with mixed emotions.
-Very quick, but easily visible b/c of bright colors.
-No wings, cannot fly, but breathes colored fire also has no eyebrows or visible ears
-Pink - happy, red - angry, orange - brave, yellow - curious, light green - scared, dark green - disgusted, light blue - calm, dark blue - sad, purple - shy.
-size of a small-medium sized dog

1) Fire Leech: smol leech, lives in/near volcanoes/lava

2) Bushpig: Spiky little bugger with a long nose for eating small insects.

3) Ruby Fish: This fish is often overharvested for its' scales, as they look just like rubies.

4) Potat: potato boy

5) Mountain Lekra: similar to a mountain goat, this herbivore climbs mountains with ease, but can get sick easily from infectious insects and parasites.

6) Shrew Bird: This bird eats the parasites and insects off of the Lekra, creating a symbiotic relationship.

-Lives at the bottom of the ocean
-Resurfaces once a year to take in one huge breath
-Often poached for its horns