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Name: Lilane 

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race/Species: Elf/Human Hybrid

Job class: Healer / Mage

Looks: 155 cm without her heels 160cm with them. Has fluffy brown hair thats been bleached to look blonde. Relatively slim, athletic build. Icy blue eyes and pale skin.

Personality: Dramatic crybaby, romantic, scared of any interactions with unfamiliar men.

Story: Lilane is the daughter of wealthily merchant. Her entire life she's been spoiled. After awhile she got bored of staying home and asked her father if she could explore the world. He agreed but only if she followed his terms. So Lilane now travels the world of Dreamscape with her hired swordsman, Jack. (His name is tba. Jack is just a filler name for now.)

Kingdom/Location: Nima

Inventory: Locket (Gift from her father), Prop staff