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Anora - 17 (Dec. 25)
-She is very creative and imaginative, as well as friendly. Schools studies matter to her, but only because of her parents, not because she actually cares about it.
-She has a few close friends, but she still doesn't tell even them anything. She keeps most of her feelings bottled up inside. She has pretty severe anxiety, and on important days she feels she cant function at all. She can get quite hyper, but also loves to relax outside. She loves writing stories as her favorite passtime.
-She is a very powerful Dreamcatcher (which means that she can enter and exit the dreamworld freely. She catches bad dreams or 'nightmare demons', usually shortened to just demons. She keeps them in lanterns, which she hangs on a stick that she can use to fight.) She is quite agile, and using a lot of martial arts when she fights.
Cancer + Capricorn


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- She lived with her average family with a younger sister. She was very ambitious and creative, and sometimes felt overwhelmed by what she had decided to put her mind to. She was put under pressure to be pretty, to be smart, to be perfect. She felt crippled by anxiety to be what she expected of herself. But she kept those feelings tucked away, so far away that even she didn't notice them. She was very happy on the outside.