About the Dreamscape

-The Creation of Yume-
Dreamscape is a world created as the two minds of Anora and Tikaani combined as they fell, but the world began to exist as if it had existed forever. There was one supreme spirit (Avan) and four smaller spirits (Shiel, Kanan, Kassuq and Nima. The spirits lived in harmony until one spirit, Shiel, became too greedy and wanted more power from the other spirits. All of the spirits started fighting and there was a massive war. All of this happened in the clouds as that was were sacred spirits live. The supreme spirit cast the other four to the earth, cursed to stay there forever as punishment for ruining their own sacredness. The four spirits created their own kingdoms and were more or less peaceful again. Each spirit created its own people and spirits on the continent of Yume, which is what Shiel created with its earth powers. Those people began to create their own cultures and beliefs based on those of the spirits who created them.