About the Dreamscape

-The Creation of Yume-

The Dreamscape was created as the first thought appeared in a living being. The scape itself was barren and empty in the beginning, but as more creatures gained consciousness more thoughts populated the world. They seemed to mainly be abstract, and the world was almost two-dimensional, but very colorful and vibrant. The first spirits and demons appeared as the first ideas were created -- full concepts. As creatures of the earth began to create stories about how they thought the world worked, there were both positive and negative aspects to each. Spirits were made of parts of souls, while Demons were made of shadow. In the beginning, they balanced each other out, a larger spirit would eat a smaller demon and vice versa. But when humans evolved, and appeared in the Dreamscape, they brought with them intelligence, and most importantly, more developed souls. Demons, having to have had to feed on shards of souls, could now feast on full souls... animals' souls were also full, but not as developed with ideas and connection as human ones. So Demons began to hunt the humans. Spirits took the chance to immediately "demonize" the Demons, manipulating the humans in order to have them worship the spirits themselves. They used the humans in order to hunt the demons for themselves, and created power for themselves within the humans' minds. Spirits are not pure good and Demons are not pure evil.

This would only be discovered by the Dark Elves, as they later on created a society for Nightmare Demons and against Spirits. The Dark Elves were one of the first civilizations in the Dreamscape, and they had what are called Nightmare Tamers, who controlled Nightmare Demons to fight for them. Many of their experiments failed, but they managed to create a large empire that covered much of the continent of Yume. Spirits and humans alike were destroyed by the tamed Demons, and the Dark Elves put much of the world into slavery. A small population of people, however, who called themselves "Dreamcatchers", fought against the power of the Dark Elves. They fought alongside the spirits in order to completely wipe out the Dark Elves.

With the Dark Elf Empire gone, the freed people were forced to live together on the continent. They quickly, however, had many disagreements. Before, they were all under the same leader and had one united purpose, while now they were to create their own government and rules. Thus four nations were created, and people split up among them. Almost immediately, however, those in the desert (who called themselves "Nimans") were jealous of the others as they were left the most empty, small and useless piece of land of all -- nothing but sand and heat. Quickly, a war broke out between Nima and Sheil over land and territory.

This war was called the Sheil-Niman war, and the most pivotal battle was the battle at Tomayo. This was where Nima was able to get the upper hand through a sneak attack and was able to win the oasis for itself. The war ended soon after, but Sheil never forgave Nima for this, and they are still great rivals to this day.

Other facts to know:
-The currency on all of Yume is called Kaichi, and they are all coins (no paper money).
-Kristals are made of fossilized Demon remains - but they are basically dormant Demons. They are dangerous to mine, because if someone accidentally activates one, it comes out of the Kristal form into its true form. Kristals made from Spirits are possible, but not common. When/if found, they are very powerful. When a Demon is not killed properly, their remains are sent into the earth, thus creating Kristals. Since Demon Kristals are used to power a lot of machinery, the term “Nightmare Fuel” is used sometimes.